Limba engleza: Lectia 4

Învăţăm limba engleză: Lecţia 4
STAGE 1. LESSON 4 Talk about your family
track 6

I live with my mother and my father and my two brothers. They are called Owen and David. Owen is twenty and he’s at university. David is sixteen and he’s at school, like me. I have two grandmothers and one grandfather. My other grandfather is dead. I have one uncle and one aunt. My aunt Janet is my mother’s sister. They have two daughters. Rosa is ten and Gemma is fourteen, like me. They are my cousins.

live = a trăi
with = cu
mother = mamă
father = tată
two = doi
brothers = fraţi
they = ei
called = chemat, denumit
twenty = douăzeci
university = universitate
sixteen = şaisprezece
school = şcoală
like me = ca mine
have = a avea
grandmothers = bunici
grandfather = bunic
other = celălalt
dead = mort
uncle = unchi
aunt= mătuşa
sister = soră
daughters = fiice
ten = zece
fourteen = paisprezece
cousins = veri

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